The Truth About Fitness


Everything You Know About Fitness is a Lie


A couple of years ago, Daniel Duane wrote a wonderful article for Men's Health magazine titled "Everything You Know About Fitness is a Lie." I have been asking everyone to read it to be in the right mindset. It applies to people just starting out in fitness - they are immediately led down the wrong path and usually achieve little or give up in frustration. It also applies to people who have been working out for years or decades.


Walk into any modern gym (especially the chains) and everything there is geared toward making them money rather than really getting you fit. The trainers generally will not teach you the right activities. I often see trainers showing newbies wrong and dangerous movements that will probably cause injury down the line and, best case, will have them wasting their time in the gym with few results.


Duane thought he was in great shape and then started investigating real fitness. He met with some of them top trainers (not the chain gym guys with the easy certifications) in the world and read all the books and went through some really training programs to reveal the truth.


Please read this fascinating story and gain perspective on true fitness and the real path.

"Gym machines are boring, CrossFit is sadistic, and dieting sucks. Luckily, none of them is essential to being truly fit. Through years of trial and error — and humiliation at the hands of some of the world's top trainers — the author discovered the secrets to real health."




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