Aerobic Activity is achieved when your heart beats faster and increases the blood flow to your muscles and then back to your lungs. Regular activity improves your body’s ability to take in proper amounts of oxygen and delivery throughout your muscles to be used as energy.


You have to keep pushing yourself to stretch your limits. Don’t do the same routine every workout. The heart is a muscle and gets stronger when given greater demands.





Which is better for you: Running or Walking?


If you're a runner, you might have noticed this surprising headline from the April 5 edition of the Guardian: "Brisk walk healthier than running—scientists." Or maybe you saw this one, which ran in Health magazine the very same day: "Want to lose weight? Then run, don't walk: Study."


The ironic thing about these two articles is that they are based on the same research by the same scientist! Paul Williams, looking at a single set of data, was able to reach opposing conclusions. What he actually concluded was that running was better for weight loss and walking was better at not being better for the heart, high blood pressure, diabetes and related diseases. He found that running and walking were of equal value if the person was spending the same amount of energy. For example, if someone runs 3 miles or walks 3 miles it is equivalent. The runner just gets finished in less time.

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