Coconut Water


In many tropical countries, people drink coconut water for its many health benefits. Lately it has started to become popular in the U.S. In the U.S., people are drinking it as a sports drink and others believe it will help them lose weight. Coconut milk/oil is also used in several popular diets.


Coconut water forms inside the shell of the coconut and is mostly water. Thus, it is low in calories. It is a good source of electrolytes which is why some use it for sports for rehydration. It seems to be a healthier version of Gatorade. It is also a good source of B Vitamins and potassium. It also offers enzymes, plant hormones, and amino acids.


While there have not been extensive scientific tests, small studies have indicated that coconut water lowered the risk of heart attacks and reduced blood pressure.


Coconut oil is used in many ways - from oil pulling, skin and hair care, to healthier cooking.


There are no known side effects.

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