Diet Supplement Scams

The world of weight loss products probably has more scams or dishonest promotions than any other field due to the desperation of so many people looking for a path to weight loss.

No over the counter supplements have really been shown to help people lose weight. If you have had a good experience with any, please let us know. The only ones that have been researched and shown results have been Fen Phen (which was declared dangerous and taken off the market). and Alli which has numerous side effects that are often unpleasant.

Recently there have been a lot of advertisements presenting the magic of Acai berries. There have been studies and so far they have shown Acai to be ineffective.

Please save your money!

Let us know if you have had any experiences with diet supplements - either good or bad.

HCG is Illegal

Companies that sell diet products based on the hormone HCG, have been told by the FDA and FTC that they are selling illegal homeopathic weight loss drugs that have not been approved and claims for weight loss are unsubstantiated.

HCG has been approved as a prescription for female fertility, but not for weight loss. It can not legally be sold over the counter.

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