Working out at home while sheltering in place

It is critical that we keep in shape during this pandemic crisis. The gyms may be closed and the are expected to remain at home, but it is still possible to get a good exercise workout done. Here are some useful resources to help you out.

The easiest and most obvious is to go to a park or open space. I have three large parks within 15 minutes drive. The closest one is very crowded so I have started going to the other ones. I will sometimes run/walk on an interval basis of walk 2 minutes and run 30 seconds and keep that cycle going for about an hour. It is very beneficial. Of course, you may just sprint the whole time or a casual stroll if that is what you are capable of doing at this point.

One thing I like to do is perform that above routine while holding dumbbells. They don't have to be heavy. I had some 4 and 5 pound ones that my wife bought. Curl those for an hour and you will work the muscles. I stop every 8 minutes or so and add various other movements with them.

Another great workout that you can do at home is the prisoner workout. You don't need any equipment and if was meant to do alone at home. There are several versions on how many to do - the 1 through 10 (Do a set of 1 repitition of each exercise, then 2,,,) Another version for couch potatoes if to jump up and do a set of X each time there is a commercial break. The exercises are - squats, pushups and jumping jacks.

Are you exercising while staying at home?
More than ever
Not quite as much
No, but planning to start
Taking a break until this thing is over
How are you exercising?
In the house
In a park / public space
Using a virtual class
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