Women and weight lifting

The routines for women can be the same as for men. Many women worry that they will “bulk up”, but that is not the case. The women who compete in bodybuilding tournaments lift in a way to make them develop those bodies. If you follow one of our routines, you will become leaner and toned, not bulky. You will look very feminine.


My wife is 45 years old and has minimal body fat. She is very trim. She works out with weights 4 – 5 days a week. She used to do several aerobics classes each day. Since I got her more involved with weights, she has gotten addicted to lifting. She now trains other people and pours over various workouts for new ideas.


If you are new to weights, start with some light weights (3-5 pounds) and work your way up. Do not stop with the light weights or you will not make progress. My wife is now using 25lb dumbbells and has started using the barbell for many exercises. Kettlebells are also very useful.


I recommend the books below for further reading:


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